Businesses and individuals new to trademarks and the application/registration process sometimes choose marks for their product or service that are difficult or even impossible to register and/or protect. In selecting a trademark, consider whether the mark is registrable, and how difficult it will be to protect the mark based on its strength. A simplistic measure of a trademark’s strength can be understood as the uniqueness of the mark relative to the products it represents. In the end, trademark owners must police the enforcement of their trademark properties.

Here is a list of services we offer in connection with trademark protection:

Trademark Services

General trademark consultation
Multiple trademark candidates, preliminary evaluation

Specific name trademark preliminary knock-out search
Specific name trademark extended search evaluation
Trademark strategy development/brand considerations
Intent to Use trademark application
Statement of Use (6 months)
Use-based trademark or service mark application
USPTO office action rejection prosecution, strategy
Rejection proceedings
Product/Marking Review
Infringement review
Infringement protection/aprotection