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We can provide research and advice regarding the company’s legal obligations, rights and responsibilities, address contract provisions of an agreement to be sure they are clear, unambiguous and address other corporate operational matters such as employment, licensing, and other matters, ERISA and real estate, etc.

Each form of corporate structure has its own set of legal rights and responsibilities, organizational structure and tax burdens. As needed, our lawyers might research aspects of employment law, environmental law, etc. or consult with another attorney who specialize in any field needed.

Here are more details:

Nonprofit Start-up including:
Counseling on whether to start a non-profit and alternative options
Appropriate tax-exempt status classification
Incorporation and by-laws
Board coaching
Assistance with other governance matters
EIN and MA DOR registrations
Charity registration
Application to IRS for tax-exempt status

Services for Existing Nonprofits:
Update of corporation, including review of Articles of Organization &
by-laws amendments, and other findings
Assistance with charity registration unrestriction of gift funds
Tax-exempt status application i.e. IRSForm1023/1023,
EZ for 501(c)(3) charities, or IRS Form 1024 for other 501(c) entities)
Application to IRS for reinstatement following automatic revocation
Assistance with IRS reclassification
Counseling on nonprofit governance issues,
nonprofit legal compliance, fundraising law including gift restrictions, etc.
Dissolution of charities and non-charities

Strategic Planning & Board Training
Public Programming