Technology has de-scaled the ingredients needed to pursue innovation allowing more people than ever to take up the challenge.  Even big, well-established companies are focusing on innovation.  We have always been focused on innovation, so we’re glad to collaborate and support others with the same interest.  Here are services we offer that can help:

Conflicts of interest, non-disclosure, protection, enforcement issues, etc.
Securities laws compliance
Employment documentation
Tax issues, e.g. sales tax, payroll tax, Section 83(b) elections, stock option issues, and tax incentives?
Employment matters, compensation issues, intellectual property protection, enforcement and monetization, and policy matters, etc.
Lease agreements flexibility, profitability, and legal enforceability reviews

New technology protection
Intellectual property practice, protection and matters
Contracts: general contract matters, trademark and copyright registrations, assignments, agreements, website terms of use and privacy policies, non-disclosure and assignment of inventions agreements, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, transfers of IP assets into newly formed entities, etc.
Cyber-attack planning