At the heart of any business relationship lies an agreement between two or more parties. A properly implemented agreement can help avoid liability and costly litigation. A properly implemented agreement can enhance the way in which parties collaborate to their mutual benefit. It may be helpful as well, for an attorney to initially review certain agreements in-order-to raise concerns, identify risks, expose gaps in understanding and highlight cautions that might otherwise lead to unwanted results. There are multiple agreements and legal documents that may warrant careful drafting and/or review.

Here is a list of some contract-related services:

Drafting and revising legal contracts and documents
Advising parties regarding term implications, litigation risks, legal compliance, etc.Ensuring contract consistency
Reviewing contracts e.g. non-disclosure, consulting, service,
consignment, commercial, settlement agreements, etc.

Developing commercial form documents
Developing contracts to fit business needs
Developing contract strategies with party representatives
Training managers and executives in contract policies
Confirming compliance with legal needs and/or company policies
Researching contract laws
Preparing case strategies
Assisting in the eDiscovery and Discovery stages of a legal case
Real estate transactions

Reviewing and modifying employee manuals
Correspondence regarding labor and employment issues
Providing support to the litigation team
Deals related to mergers and acquisitions
Performing legal research
Intellectual property issues
Drafting settlements and contracts
Preparing annual documents and reports
Draft/review/revise/negotiate contracts for business deals,
real estate leases, financial contracts, manufacturer
warranties, employment contracts, etc.
Finding holes in deals
Identification of contract and legal risks
Research as needed

Recommended courses of action
Manage company distribution, sales agent agreements, major acquisitions
Work with cross functional teams